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  1. ahmed ismail

    MY NAME IS AHMED ISMAIL MOHAMMED , I worked in international telecom since 2 month , I dream work in alex , I Graduate FROM 2010

  2. ahmed ismail

    MY NAME IS AHMED ISMAIL MOHAMMED , I worked in international telecom since 2 month , I dream work in alex , I Graduate FROM 2010, PLEASE CALL ME 01154016600

  3. ahmed mohamed zankour hassan

    انا احمد محمد زنقور حسن خريج دفعه 2011
    اشتغلت ف مجال الطرق والمطاارات ف مكتب استشارى تابع لجامعه القاهره ف مطار شرم الشيخ الدولى
    ارقامى 01110908178

  4. Dear Sir :
    It makes me a great pleasure to apply my résumé to your company.

    Date of birth : 2/4/1986
    Place of birth : Zagazig – Sharkeah – Egypt
    Current address Gamal Abdel Naser St. , El Kawmeya
    , Zagazig , Sharkeah.
    Telephone : M. : +2 01096080071
    H. : +2 055 237 09 77
    Saudi Arabia +9660546047263
    E-mail : redif_25jen@yahoo.com

    Nationality : Egyptian
    Religion : Muslim
    Military service : Completed in Dec. 2011

     Education Data :
    University : Zagazig University ( Egypt )
    Faculty : civil engineering

    Graduation project : construction project management
    Graduation year : 2010

     Language :

     Arabic (Mother Language).
     English (Good).

     Computer
    . auto cad &sap
    Microsoft word & Excel

    & primavera 6

    Communications skills &construction sealing & porches skills

    Job Title Planner Engineer

    Cost estimating & Time schedule


    Work in construction project management in Ali misfer el ghamdy company
    R.C working construction in white palace project in Zagazig.
    planner on primavera 6
    IN White Palace project of 65 MILLION LE IN
    el madina company IN Egypt

    Professional in

    Construction project management
    Primavera 6 projects planning
    Cost owning & operating equipment
    Excavation planning& Quantities survey
    Cost estimating & Cost control
    Time schedule & Time control
    Production rate control& Material preservation
    Projects Cash flow & financial analyses
    Productivity evaluation
    Earned values & Tender Study
    Time value of money& construction economy
    Reengineering & Redesign
    Some of business administration

    Seeking a challenging career in the field of construction Companies

    Ready for any test
     Hobbies :
    ( reading in business administration& marketing & economy )
    CHESS, INTERNET, FISHING in marine seas.


  6. ahmed nabil arafa

    انا مهندس جودة اثاث وانا شغال دلوقتي في شركة مفكو حلوان للاثاث مهندس جوده هانات وفحص خاات الدهانات

  7. انا مهندس جودة وانا شغال دلوقتي في شركة مفكو حلوان للاثاث مهندس جوده هانات وفحص خاات الدهانات

  8. انا مهندس جودة اثاث وانا شغال دلوقتي في شركة مفكو حلوان للاثاث مهندس جوده هانات وفحص خاات الدهانات

  9. im working super visor safety & helth experianse 7 yares in safety

  10. انا اسمى احمد محمد غنيمى محمد …..ليسانس حقوق 2010……..وعملت فى مجالات كثيره ………..ومعى لغه انجليزيه موثقه من وزاره السياحه ………واجيد التعامل مع الجماعه واتمنى ان افيدكم فى عملى …………….ورقم هاتفى 01281333561……………. وانا اسكن ب بنها قليوبيه والله المستعان

  11. ahmed eltaweel

    احمد مصطفى احمد احمد الطويل خريج تجارة newcairo قسم محاسبة
    اتمنى الشغل لديكم

  12. Ahmed Hamdy

    انا احمد حمدى مهندس كهرباء بور حديث التخرج واتمنى الحصول على وظيفه مناسبه فى شركه اوراسكوم ورقم تليفونى 01099659636

  13. Ahmed Mohamed Yosry

    Production Engineer

    Ahmed Mohamed Yosry Ahmed
    Mobile: 002 0100 749 9024
    Phone: 002 03 504 8797
    E-Mail : Eng.ahmedyosry@yahoo.com

    Personal Information
    Address : End Of Huda Shaarawy St. , Bachous , Alexandria , Egypt.
    Date of Birth : 23/02/1989.
    Place Of Birth : Alexandria
    Nationality : Egyptian.
    Religion : Muslim.
    Marital Status: Single.
    Military Status : Final Exemption.

    Educational Information

    First University Degree: B.sc. Engineering.
    University : Alexandria University.
    Faculty : Faculty Of Engineering.
    Department: Production Engineering
    Year Of Graduation : 2012
    Graduation Project Title: Development of a decision support system for the selection of appropriate NDT equipment.
    Project grade : Excellent

    Training Courses & Previous Experience

    * NDT Training Courses.
    Methods: – Ultrasonic Testing.
    – Radiographic Testing.
    – Liquid Penetrant Testing.
    – Magnetic Particle Testing.
    * Alexandria Mineral Oils Company “AMOC” Equipment Maintenance & Production Training.
    Periods: – From: 02/09/2007 To : 20/09/2007.
    – From: 29/06/2008 To: 17/07/2008.
    – From: 19/07/2009 To: 06/08/2009.
    – From: 25/07/2010 To: 05/08/2010.
    – From: 03/07/2011 To: 14/07/2011.
    Final Grade : Excellent.

    * Worked as Inspection Engineer for a contractor during the periodic Maintenance Of Sidi Krir Petrochemicals Company “SIDPEC” For two Periods.

    Languages & Computer Skills

    * First Language : Arabic.
    * Proficiency: Mother Tongue.
    * Second Language: English.
    * Proficiency: Very Good.

    * International computer driving license “ICDL”.

    * Very good experience in “Solid Work” Designing Program.

  14. ahmed nabil mahmoud

    بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
    انا خريج اداب دمنهور قسم مساحه عام 2012
    ويا ريت اشتغل معاكم

  15. ahmed khaled

    مهندس مدنى خريج المنصورة 2011 بتقدير جيدجدا تراكمى وسبق لى العمل فى مواقع كبرى واتمنى ان اشتغل فى اوراسكم 01228986143

  16. Ahmed Shetta

    Dear sir,
    am graduate from mechatronics since 2010 and i have 2 years of experience in oil and gas field…i have the ability to gain information and experience in other majors. wish to work with you. Thank you

  17. ahmed elkomey

    انا طالب في هندسة مدني و كنت اتمني ان اجد تدريب بالشركة لحين تخرجي

  18. Abeer Hussein Mohamed

    Iam an admin assistant at Caterpillar Logistics Egypt Services for 2 years
    iam looking for a job in your company .
    Thanks & best Regards

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