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  1. Emad Talat Gamel Elkommos

    Curriculum Vitae

    Emad Talaat Gamel El kommos
    38 Gamet El dawal Street, Mohandessin
    emad_8210@ hotmail.com
    02 3462394 & 02 3025541
    010 5646587

    Personal Data:
    Birth date: 2/5/1979
    Citizenship: Egyptian
    Military status: Exempted
    Marital status: Single

    Education & Courses:
    – Narmar Languages School (Dokki branch)
    – Faculty of commerce Cairo University
    – MAC (Modern Accounting Certificate) AUC
    – Stock Market AUC
    – Stock Market Comet Faculty of Commerce Cairo University
    – English Conversation Courses (level 5) AUC
    – General English Courses (Advanced) AUC
    – Attending H R Auc

    Languages: Arabic read & writes – Fluently
    English read & write – Excellent

    Computer Skills: – Windows IBM Cairo University
    – Microsoft Office IBM Cairo University
    – Internet
    – Computerized accounting Dac Easy version 9
    – Quick books AUC
    – Fidlio (Sheraton computer program).

    Experience (Summer Training):

    – MIB Bank (Mohandessin branch) in Main Front Office Department from 16/8/2003 to16/9/2003

    – Misr Romanian Bank S.A.E (Mohandessin branch) in Front Office
    Department from 15/7/2003 to 15/8/2003

    – Bank of Alexandria (Mohandessin branch) in Clearance Room Auditing & Accounting Departments from 2/7/2001 to 1/8/2001 & from 1/8/2002 to 1/9/2002

    – Banque du Caire (Mohandessin branch) in Clearance Room
    Auditing & Accounting Departments from 15/7/2000 to 15/8/2000

    Professional Experience:

    Working at Cairo Sheraton in Food & Beverage Cost Control Department from 20/6/2005 to 20/9/2006
    Responsible for:
    Auditor for: Banquet, Receiving, Stores, Checks, Vouchers, Purchasing and outlets.

    Working at Deraya as Back Office Coordinator out source Piraeus Bank from 18/03/2003 to 29/05/2008
    Responsible for:
    Product knowledge for Sales Managers, Credit Cards Documentation, making Bank reports for (the company and Piraeus Bank) and Calling back chief department.

    Working at Dana Tours as Tour Operator from 29/05/2008 to 12/08/2008

    Working at Agoura as Back Office Coordinator out source Audi Bank from 14/08/2008 to 14/11/2008
    Responsible for:
    Product knowledge for Sales Managers, Credit Cards Documentation, and making Bank reports for the company and Audi Bank.

    Working at Alico as sales manger Form 17/07/2009 to now

    References: to be furnished when requested

  2. ahmed hamdy

    اتمنى اكون معاكم

  3. M Samir Mahmoud

    Curriclum Viate
    Name : Mohamed Samir Mahmoud
    Date of Birth :1/10/1974
    Age :35 years
    E mail : ms4m_tv@yahoo.com & ms4m_tv@hotmail.com
    Nationality : Egyptian
    Religion : Moslem
    Present Address : 3 , Halem Rashad Abo Samra St ., from Seket
    Abd Elrazeq St.,Basateen .,Cairo.
    Mobile No : 0107348393
    Marital Status : single
    Military Service : accomplished, with the grade of ( Good Example )
    Qualification : Civil Certificate in Telegraph and Wireless
    Telephone from ( Communications
    National Institute) under the supervision
    of Education Ministry, and Communications
    and Information Ministry.
    Specialzation : to work as an international wireless officer
    in accordans with the
    international wireless agreements and law No.
    66, issued on 27th of December, 1979
    Graduation Date : October, 1996
    Past Experiences: Worrking and training on the maintenance and
    fixing of electronics and computers for
    15 years in free maintenance centers.

  4. Ahmad Mohammad Said

    I want to have a job in Engineering in Saudi Arabia

  5. hanaa Omar

    I hope to be with you

  6. abeer yahiea

    i hope to be with u

  7. ahmed m pasha

    name:ahmed m pasha
    date of barthe:18/1/1975
    experince:3yares in computer ceneter company
    8 yars in golden way companyin sphinx computer mall
    now i work at the same place
    with best wishes

  8. محمود جسين

    ارجو ان يحالفنى الجظ واكون من ضمن مجموعة العمل معكم

  9. abdelnaby mohammed mahgoup

    Name : Abdel Nabi Mohammed Mahgoup Metwali .
    Date of Birth : 15/3/1972
    Address : 70th Morsi Khalil street, Shobra cairo, Egypt .
    E-Mail:-abdoo_2020001@yahoo.com abdowsh_2020000@yahoo.com
    Nationality : Egyptian .
    Religion : Moslem .
    Tel : 0224577131
    Mobile :002\ 0123074872 110329931.
    Marital status : Single .
    Military Service : finished ( good model ) .
    ID No : 0101875
    Occupation : appellate lawyer of the public bar .
    Card no : 209315
    Postal no : 11231
    Passport no : 236779

    * Languages:-
    1- English :- good
    2- Arabic :- excellent
    3- French :- avg

    1- Musa bin Nusair Primary school
    2-Makarem alakhlak prep school
    3-Altawfikia Secondary school
    4- Batchelor of laws -Universty :Ein Shams – Graduation Year 1998

    * Computer:-
    Windows Xp)\ Microsoft Office)\ Internet.

    • Previous Experiences :-

    1-Alawyer in amego group company 8 company from\15\ 2009 until2010.

    2-Many offices as :-

    1- A private office at 7th Ahmed Talat st. Safeya Zaghloul st., Al Kasr Al Aini .
    2-The office of Mr. Abdel Aziz Mohammed at Abdel Khaled Tharwat st. , Abdin .
    3- The office of Mr. Osama Kotb Al Gamal at Shobra st.
    4- The office of Mr. Abdel Megeed Badr and Mr. Ganat Abdel Rahman at Masara st.
    5- The office of Mr.Rabeh Mahmoud Al Hedini at Shobra st.
    6- The office of Mr. Mortada Mansour in Shobra st.
    7- The office of Mr. Mamdouh Al Gamal at Kasr Al Aini st.
    8-The office of Mr. Atef Labeeb Al Nagmi in front of Al Saed club , Al Doki.

    3- Responsible of legal affairs , commercial and passing dealings , contracts, registration, land registry office , insurance and all the legal dealings of Abdel Mohsen Faragallah’s company for touristic transportation and trips from 2002 until 2009.

    4-An auditor at Dar Al Asleha wa Al Zakhera at the armed forces ( evening period from 2001 until 2003 ) half time.

    5-Responsiblof public and administrative relations and laws for organizing many international conferences such as:-

    1- The 18th annual conference of Egyptian doctors’ syndicate ( March, 2007 ) .
    2- The international conference of fighting infection EgyptianAssociation of the faculty of Medicine at Ein Shams university (2006) .
    3- The international conference of fighting infection Ministry of heath and population ( November 2005 ) .
    4-The international conference of fighting infection – Ein Shamas university ( September, 2004 ).
    5-The annual international conference of the Egyptian Association of Microbiology at Medicine faculty at Ein Shams university (2003) .
    6- The international conference of construction and building – inter build ( June, 2002
    7- The 16th international conference of Egyptian doctors’ syndicate ( January, 2002 ) .
    8- The international conference of the Egyptian association or fighting infection ( October, 2001 )
    9- The international conference of construction and building – Interbuild ( June , 2001
    10- The international conference of construction and building – Interbuild ( June, 2000 11-The international conference of Egyptian doctors’ syndicate 1998).

    Thanks for Giving Me This
    Precious Time of Yours

  10. Ahmed Rabea Sad

    I hope to be with you

  11. hi ray its your cousin patricia from canada rafe and marions daughter. the celtic women were on the tv the other night and my daughter and i tatum watched it fabulous tatum was in awe. i am really sad now that i missed going down to toronto with robin and bill when you were here last. i wont make that mistake again. tatum wants to come along as well.

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