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  1. heba hassan

    i wanna work in vodafone

  2. ahmed abdallah


  3. ahmed samy

    so nice

  4. Simone

    i wanna work in vodafone..
    i’m gradutaed from Internaional Institute for Language & Instant translation

  5. Alaa Mohamed

    I am the manager Hspat one of tourism companies and I want to work in your company is reputable

  6. nour el nady

    My dream working in vodafone

  7. Ahmed anany

    Realy I Like Work In Vodafone

  8. Marmar Nasr

    Anxious to work in Vodafone

  9. kareem nasr

    i like work from vodafon

  10. alaa bassam

    please kindly i wanna work in vodafone but in alexandria

  11. ahmed reda

    i hope to work in vodafone

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