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  1. Ahmed Gamal

    Dear Sir

    I am greatly interested in the job as operator, had been working in this career till the position of operation manager, now work as a tour guide, speaking english and spanish

    If accepted please contact me to supply my CV


  2. Age/23

    know arabic and english

    Technical institute holds a commercial
    specialty systems and computer information to

  3. Ahmed Morgan

    I’d like to apply for the available vacancy.

  4. Ahmed Saeed Alshrqawy

    4 Almokhaym Aldaery Str,
    District No. 6 Beside Al-Azhar University
    Naser City ,Cairo , Egypt
    Tel : +020 01273451616
    Tel :+020 01142991903
    e-mail: ahmed_alshrky@yahoo.com
    Career objective :
    I want to be a very professional Engineer in Network Administration field So , I hope to work in a company that it is very interested in updating its Employees .
    University Of Menoufiya , Faculty Of Computers & Information , Egypt . 2004 – 2008 .
    BSc In Information Technology ( Good 71% )
    There years in Egyptian Armed Forces as IT Help-Desk Engineer .
    CCNA Certified CISCO ID : CSCO12120601.
    Windows ( XP , 7 ) , MS Office , Basic Awareness of Linux , Oracle 10 g , GSM
    Java2SE , J2ME , C++ , MathLab ,
    VRML , Basic Awareness of 3DMax ,
    Now , MCITP Self Study .
    Project :
    E-learning & E-exam System Grade 98 % .

    Ability to Configure Cisco Switches & Routers .
    Ability to configure Security Approaches .
    CISCO Network Academy System Course from 1-10-2011 to 1-2-2012
    NAT and PAT
    Configure Routing Protocol on Router
    Switching Spaning-tree protocol and VLAN
    Filtering Traffic using Access Control Lists
    Routing Distance Vector and Link-state Protocol
    Plan the Addressing Structure
    Configure Network Devices (Router, switch, …)
    Routing Protocol (Static, RIP, OSPF, EIGRP, Virtual Link, …)

    Analytical and problem solving skills .
    Strong verbal, written and presentation communication skills in both English and Arabic .
    Ability to communicate complex technical concepts in both English and Arabic .
    Self-managed, highly motivated and has a strong drive for results .
    Well organized .
    Kindly .
    Arabic Mother Tongue , English Very Good .
    Date of Birth: July 13th ,1987
    Gender: Male
    Marital Status: Single
    Nationality: Egyptian .
    Military Service: Finished
    3 years In Egyptian Armed Forces(Artillery Forces ) , Good Management ,
    Work Well Under Stress .

  5. ali sayed ali

    12 years english tour guide-courses from egypt air in ticketing&ms office

  6. ali sayed ali

    12 years english tour guide-courses from egypt air in ticketing&ms office

  7. ahmed tawfeek

    ليسانس اداب تاريخ و أجيد التعامل مع الكمبيوتر

  8. اتمنى قبول طلبى هذا ف الحصول على الوظيفه المعلن عنها من قبل سيادتكم ولكم منى فائق الشكر والاحترام والتقدير

    م/ أحمد السيد عطيه
    بكالوريوس هندسه حاسبات ونظم معلومات وتكنولوجيا الادارة وبرمجيات
    – هندس كمبيوتر – هارد وير – سوفت وير – خطوط و شبكات انترنت
    دورات تدريبيه عملى ونظرى
    اعمل ف تطوير تكنولوجيا الحاسب

    002 040 3227645
    م/ أحمد السيد عطيه

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