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  1. ahmed mostafa taha

    معلومات الاتصال لو سمحت

  2. abeer zakaria

    Abeer Zakaria Farag El Tanani
    35,Nagueb Mahfouz St, El Horreya St. Bashteel, Giza, Egypt
    Tel: 02 33552058(Home) 01117153749-01063770783(Mobile)
    E-mail: ab_zakaria1986@hotmail.com


    Seeking for a job opportunity in the work area I love it, in which I could develop myself and my skills to reach the highest degree of perfection.


    Date of Birth : 6/11/1986
    Place of Birth : Giza, Egypt.
    Nationality : Egyptian.
    Religion : Muslim.
    Marital Status : Single.
    ID# : 2101649


    Faculty of Engineering Helwan University, telecommunication & electronic dept, 2008
    Graduation Grade : Good.
    Final year Grade : V. Good.
    Graduation Project : Speaker Identification.
    Graduation Project Grade : Excellent


     Telecommunication & programming languages courses

    National telecommunication institute Courses in
    – GSM & GPRS.
    – WIMAX.
    – IMS.
    – NGN.
    GSM Course
    MATLAB Course.(in Cairo university)
    C++ & Database Course.

     Design courses

    Photoshop course

     languages courses

    Advanced course in English (according to foreign affairs ministry)
    Advanced Course in English (Pre TEOFEL) (in Cambridge training college Britain).

    Alcatel – Lucent Training in :

     Alcatel 9100 BTS O&M
     Alcatel 9130 BSC O&M
     WIMAX O&M
    Union of Radio & TV.
    National Telecommunication institute.

    Mother Tongue : Arabic
    Excellent in written & spoken language. : English
    Expert in windows & MS office : Computer skills
    Language& computer skills

    Work Experience
    October 2010 – till Present: • technical engineer
    • Otak for trading &contracting – Egypt
    • Writing & studding &reviewing technical offers & submittals of electromechanical works in the projects according to consulting office specifications
    • reading electrical drawings
    • writing submittals & put product specifications to acquire consultant agreement

    March 2010 – October 2010: office manager
    ocean for integrated solutions – Egypt
    • Making& Handling customers &Collecting data sheets for purchasing.
    • Recording accounting results on excel sheets.
    • Record results in the accounting program.
    • Secretary work in Word& Excel & PowerPoint.
    sebtember2009 – March 2010: IT sales
    True tech for integrated solutions – Egypt
    Marketing accounting program &computer hardware.
    • Ability to communicate orally, in writing, or via electronic means, in a manner appropriate to the audience;
    • Being a constructive team member, contributing practically to the success of the team;
    • Being able to motivate and encourage others, whilst taking the lead;
    • Ability to see opportunities and to set and achieve goals;
    • Thinking things through in a logical way in order to determine key Issues, often also including creative thinking;
    • Ability to handle change and adapt to new situations;
    • Knowing your strengths and skills and having the confidence to put These across;
    • Having energy and enthusiasm in pursuing projects;
    • Ability to relate well to others and to establish good working Relationships;
    • Competence and understanding of numerical data, statistics and Graphs.
    Reading books.
    Acquiring new skills.
    Working in team work.
    Assume responsibilities & dealing with it.


  3. ahmed sami ahmed

    References Furnished Upon Request

    مهندس مساحه وطرق و gis
    حديث التخرج بتقدير جيد
    كليه الهندسه بشبرا قسم الهندسه المساحيه

    سبق لي التدريب في شركه unicom
    والعمل كمصمم طرق وحاسب كميات وجمع البيانات وغيرها من الاعمال المساحيه

  4. حسيب سعيد محمد عامر

    الاسم / حسيب سعيدمحمد عامر
    العنوان / محافظه الشرقيه – الزقازيق – قريه العصلوجي
    تاريخ الميلاد / 29 /6 / 1985
    تليفون / محمول -01143396113
    ارضي 0552420469

    حاصل علي دوره مساحه بكليه الهندسه جامعه الزقازيق في التوتال ستيشن والميزان
    حاصل علي دوره في برنامج الاتوكاد

  5. Ahmed mohamed ali refaee

    العنوان / محافظة القليوبية – قليوب – قرية طنان
    تاريخ الميلاد 4/ 11/ 1987
    ت/ 01276042442
    حاصل على بكالوريوس اتصالات والكترونيات بكلية هندسة شبرا
    اعمل حاليا معيد اتصالات والكترزنيات بالمعهد العالي للهندسة والتكنولوجيا

  6. Alaa Mohamed Abdelsayed

    مهندس مدنى حديث 2012 يجيد اوتوكاد وساب2000

  7. Alaa Mohamed Abdelsayed

    مهندس مدنى حديث 2012 يجيد اوتوكاد وساب2000


  8. Abeer Zakaria

    B.S.C in communication & electronics engineering
    I have worked before in trading& contracting company as technical engineer (experience in shopdrawings)

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