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    Curriculum Vitae
    1- Personal Information
    Ahmed Mohamed Mahmoud gamal el Deen.
    54 Street session – hdaek el koba – Cairo.
    Telephone : 0224517834
    Mobile :02 0141418953 – 020110051354
    Email : gamaleldeen2001@yahoo.com
    Date of Birth: 16- 10 – 1984
    Nationality : EGYPTIAN
    Sex : male
    Service position : Situation (Lonely).
    Marital Status: Single
    University: Academy tongues of tourism, hotels and the computer.
    Qualified : Bachelor of management information systems, equivalent Faculty
    Trade (Department of Business – Division of management
    information systems).
    Graduation Project : a website Dinamk Foundation hospitals Therapeutic Cairo.
    Estimating graduation : Good
    Estimating project : excellence
    2 – Skills
    Arabic – English.
    The degree of language proficiency
    Computer knowledge
    • Programmers Microsoft Office
    • Programmers Adobe Photoshop
    • Programmers Macromedia Dreamweaver
    • Programmers Macromedia Switch Flash
    Administration Skills
    • Full adaptation to work within the team
    • The ability to perform under the pressure of work
    • Having the capacity to build good relations, constructive social
    • Calm and think before making any decision
    • The ability to deal with all classes of society

    Places previous career
     Private sector
     company United Engineering and Trading engineer Magdi Almnyaoi & Co. (accountant).
     Company sunrise to import computers and stop (sales manager).
     City Bank (Section marketing visa).
     Credit Agricole (Section marketing visa).
     International Centre for Engineering Consulting (administrative and accounts).
     Current work construction company Construction Co., Ltd. (accountant and administrative)

     The government sector
     Hospital orphanage Maadi (a systems analyst and information).
     Hospital Heliopolis (a systems analyst, information, and accounts of patients)

  2. الوظائف المطلوب العمل بها ( شئون العاملين)

  3. محمود على جوده عبدالرحمن

    انا حاصل على دبلوم صنايع عام 2005 رقم الهاتف 0102398904

  4. ahmed hood

    انا محامى واجيد الكمبيوتر والانجليزيه واريد عمل فى شئون العاملين

  5. ahmed maged

    الاسم\احمد ماجد عبد العزيز __حاصل على بكاليريوس تجاره جامعه القاهره __خريج دفعه 2010___رقم الموبيل| 0128500874

  6. ahmed mostafa farag

    انا حاص علي بكالوريوس تجارة انجليزي تقدير جيد خبرة في مجال المحاسبة 7 سنوات حاصل علي دورات كمبيوتر ودورات في المحاسبة

  7. Bachelor of Commerce Department of Accounting University of Beni Suef
    Training in the National Bank of Abu Dhabi
    Training in the Egyptian Gulf Bank
    Wajid handling and performance of important work opened the pressure and deal efficiently with Wajid Vaik work

  8. ahmed mohamed ali fahmy

    i am graduated from modern academy 2012 and my mobile number 01221490860

  9. Ahmed Gad Abd-elazeem Hasan

    I’m graduated from faculty of commerce

    department:Accounting with : good grade

    training courses:



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